20180416_103400Turn trauma into triumph, confusion into clarity, and grief into growth after narcissistic abuse

Warm greetings and welcome to Rise, Thrive & Be Free!

I’m LifeCoach Leah, a Master’s Level Clinical Aromatherapist, and am dedicated to helping you overcome and heal from narcissistic relationship trauma and abuse, break trauma bonds, and Rise, Thrive & Be Free in life.

With support, and experienced guidance, you CAN heal from the trauma of narcissistic abuse, overcome the challenges of C-PTSD, and emerge stronger, wiser, more fulfilled and purposeful than you thought possible.

My coaching focuses on overcoming narcissistic abuse, c-ptsd, trauma bonding, and healing from cluster B relationship trauma. I also offer personalized aromatherapy will help you shift your perspective, recover your motivation, and emerge revitalized, confident, strong, and ready to embrace your amazing life and the beautiful opportunities that await you.

Coaching sessions are also available by phone, email, and text. Click here for information!

Let’s turn your trauma into triumph, confusion into clarity, and grief into growth 💜💛💚

Get in Touch – and Rise, Thrive & Be Free!

Please note: I am not a licensed therapist, and do not provide professional psychological counseling. Coaching is not a replacement for professional counseling. If you have symptoms of depression, and/or other symptoms of concern, please seek professional counseling as well.