Rise Thrive & Be Free: Coaching Rates

You CAN heal from narcissistic abuse and trauma, thrive, and be free!

Empowering, healing and holistic coaching sessions with Leah, Certified Life Coach and Master’s Level Clinical Aromatherapist. 

I have recently adjusted my rates to make coaching more affordable to victims of narcissistic abuse. Narcissistic abuse frequently inflicts financial stress and problems on the victims. In an effort to promote and facilitate healing for as many victims as possible, I have reduced my rates to enable and empower more victims to heal, rise, thrive and be free. 

To schedule a session, email contact@thriveafternarcissisticabuse.com and specify which session you would like, and we will schedule the date/time. Payment must be made prior to the session, and can sent via PayPal to contact@thriveafternarcissisticabuse.com.

One-on-One Coaching by Phone
Monday through Friday, 5:30pm – 8:30pm Central Standard Time
*Must be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance.

1 hour @ $65
30 minutes @ $35.00

One-Question Chat (phone or text)
Monday through Friday, 5:30pm – 8:30pm Central Standard Time
15 minutes @ $25.00
If you just have one or two questions and want to chat briefly

eCoaching (email)
No scheduling necessary, I will respond to your email(s) within 24 hours
If you are more of a writer, feel more comfortable with the written word, or just need a lot of flexibility, time to reflect about what you want to say, then eCoaching is an excellent option for you.
1 hour @ $50

Text Message Session
Monday through Friday, 12:00pm – 8:30pm Central Standard Time
1 hour @ $45.00
Sometimes, your circumstances make texting easier and more convenient. If you prefer a text session, you will get direct access to me by text for your hour-long appointment, and I will continue to respond to you as quickly as possible for 24 hours following the start of the session. Text sessions are also available on weekends if needed.

Emergency Coaching Session, (Less than 48 hours notice)
Monday through Friday, 5:30pm – 8:30pm Central Standard Time
45 minutes @ $125.00

Weekend Appointment
*Must be scheduled 48 Hours in Advance, flexible hours
45 minutes @ $100.00

Coaching Packages
3 session package (3 hours) @ $180
5 session package (5 hours) @ $300

Rise Thrive & Be Free Reset and Empower: 8-Week Narcissistic Abuse and Trauma Recovery Program: $500
Weekly 45-minute coaching sessions, and a therapeutic aromatherapy blend personalized for your specific needs

This holistic healing and narcissistic abuse recovery is an individualized program and empowering option for anyone who is suffering, or has suffered narcissistic abuse.

Narcissistic abuse inflicts serious damage and victims experience a significant level of trauma resulting in a wide range of distressing symptoms.

Perhaps you can relate to any, or all of these symptoms: anxiety, push-me/pull-you feelings about your partner/ex-partner, cognitive dissonance, insecurity, trust issues, loss of hope, mental/emotional/physical exhaustion, adrenal fatigue, hyper-vigilance, sleep disturbances.

You might also be experiencing feelings of isolation and devaluation, feeling as if you are observing life – not participating in it, feeling numb and misunderstood, feeling stained by the relationship; intense feelings of betrayal and violation, feeling like you will never love again, experiencing an intense need to make sense of what happened, and more.

As you are coping with all of this, do you feel forgetful, do you have short-term memory problems, are you scattered in your thinking, and distracted? Do you find yourself constantly thinking of the narcissist in your life? Do you feel like you are obsessing over him/her, and the relationship? Are you questioning yourself? Do you feel like you have lost yourself? Are you at times, overwhelmed with feelings of loss?

If so, please do not worry. This is all quite typical for a survivor of narcissistic abuse, and these are all symptoms of C-PTSD.

Do you want to heal, but feel blocked, or that you are moving one step forward, two steps back, and then sideways?

If so, the Re-set and Empower: 8-Week Narcissistic Abuse and Trauma Recovery Program is for you.

During the 8-Week individualized program you will learn:
> What led you into the relationship with the narcissist
> Why you stayed in the relationship, or why you continue to stay in the relationship
> Boundaries: when they are broken, how to establish, and how to maintain them
> How to say “No”, and mean it
> How to recognize emotional and psychological manipulation and red flags of abuse
> Trauma-bonded to the narcissist: how to recognize it, and how to break it
> C-PTSD: what it is, how to heal from it
> Stalking: what it is, how to manage it, techniques to stay safe
> How to implement, and maintain No Contact with the narcissist
> How to recognize, and clear your life of toxic people
> The best and most effective healing modality/strategies personalized to you
> Empowering self-care techniques
> Finding your center and self again
> Self-care affirmations and a daily plan to stay on track, motivated and empowered
> A personalized Thrive & Be Free plan, that will equip you to move forward with a clear direction, motivation, passion and strength
> You will also receive Weekly Reminders, Daily Affirmations, Journal Prompts, Empowerment Exercises and Growth Reflections throughout the 8-week program